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Common Mistakes In Taking Perfect Healthy Diet.

We eat with our mouth and digest with our stomach but it is our eyes that apparently drive our appetite. Because appetite is what aids digestion the way our food looks is now key to how much of its nutrients our body can absorb which means that great-looking food can help us get fitter and stronger in less time. Evolutionary psychologists point out that one of the brain’s most important functions is foraging. We evolved to survive by looking for nutritious-looking food. Because humans lack a powerful sense of smell we have to rely on vision instead. This is one of the reasons.

why, for instance, the fast-food industry uses artificial colors to entice us in our food choices? Such is the strength of our attraction to color that even when the exact same-looking food was loaded on plates of a different color (red, white, and black) a 2018 study involving participants between the ages of 18-34, found that the caloric intake increased, as the participants ate more food,

suggests that red and black plates created a greater contrast with the food supplied than the white plates, making it look more appetizing and appealing. The color of our food and the way we perceive that color then not only makes us feel better about what we eat but it also helps stimulate our appetite.

The Brain Prepares The Body For Taste

The link between the way food looks, the way it is presented and how we perceive its taste and our satisfaction from it was studied when, in a study, a ‘simple’ salad was presented to test subjects in one of three variations: A. All ingredients tossed together, B. Ingredients presented in a manner inspired,

Appreciation of food is a neurochemical response that heightens the pleasure we derive from feeding ourselves and increases both the dopamine and serotonin response as a result.

The Force Of Fascination In Well Organized Served Food

As we try to create better eating habits, especially when using plant-based recipes, it’s important to plate our food in ways that condition our body and mind to appreciate them. The mouth is placed near the brain for a reason. As the initial point of ingestion it is most closely associated with the neural processes that take place the moment we eat anything. What we eat and the way it looks determine how our body and mind react to it and what happens to us afterwards.

How To Make Your Food More Engaging

A few practical steps you can take to make the food you prepare, more appealing and most of them require ingredients that are either easy to come by or you probably already have in your kitchen.


Food is more than the means through which we get the energy we want for our body to make fixes and fabricate muscle. It is additionally the means through which the cerebrum makes pleasurable propensities that help us have a positive outlook on ourselves and decide if we can foster long-haul dietary patterns that will assist us with staying solid, lean, and sound as we age.

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