Justin Verlander collects elusive WS win — USA Planet Justin Verlander collects elusive WS win — USA Planet

Verlander collects elusive WS win: 'Just an incredible feeling'

Justin Verlander

has come to trust the round numbers on his baseball odometer -- thousands of innings across hundreds of previous starts offering the understanding that he has probably experienced something similar in the past. 

When Verlander’s Astros

 teammates dumped him into a laundry cart and rolled him through Citizens Bank Park’s visiting clubhouse for a beer-soaked shower, it may as well have been a fountain of youth.

“I can say I got one,” Verlander said. “It was one of the best feelings in my career. I just truly love these guys. I love this team.”

His uniform pants and the clubhouse carpet still dripped with beer. None of this had come easily for Verlander, who’ll have turned 40 by the next time he stands atop a mound, and he wanted to savor every drop.