Saints vs. Cardinal: Arizona picks off New Orleans to snap home 

The Cardinals moved to 3-4 and snapped an eight-game home losing streak, while the Saints dropped to 2-5. with a tie game with less than three minutes left in the second quarter. Then the scale drastically leaned toward the Cardinals, who scored three touchdowns in that time. 

The Saints came out of the half and scored a field goal

The Saints came out of the half and scored a field goal

Going into the half with 22 unanswered points and a 28-14 lead was more than a solid start for the Cardinals to build on in the second half.

The Saints made it a game in the fourth with a 17-yard touchdown from Juwan Johnson.  It was a touchdown party tonight and the Cardinals put up another halfway through the fourth quarter thanks to the five-yard rush from Eno Benjamin. If you think that's where the touchdowns ended, think again. This high-scoring game saw another one from the Saints, making it a 42-31 game thanks to a pass from Dalton to Juwan Johnson.

They were more complete on all sides of the ball and picked out the opposing team's weaknesses and capitalized on them. The Cardinals offense had a new-found spark with DeAndre Hopkins returning from his suspension. Hopkins finished the night with 10 receptions for 103 yards. intercepting Andy Dalton three times. All players got involved, with Antonio Hamilton, Isaiah Simmons and Marco Williams all having interceptions.

Why the Cardinals won

returns are never going to set you up for a win and the offense just could not recover from the Cardinal's explosive end of the second quarter, where they scored three touchdowns. The Saint's offense lacks consistency and while things were not all bad, they needed to establish a steady rhythm and were unable to do so. Andy Dalton took the reigns and when he was good he was good, throwing for 4 touchdowns and 361 yards yards, but when he was bad he was handing the other team touchdowns.

Why the Saints lost